About Us


Atis is active in chemical distribution for about 15 years.

Atis is an Iranian Chemical Trading Company dedicated for personal care in industrial field. Atis is one of major forces in trading in Iran. We have positioned ourselves to be the right partner for the major international suppliers that want to build a successful business in Iran.

In over 15 years of business, we’ve proven that Atis can protect a lot of trust and build powerful relations between suppliers and customers.

Our success mainly due to the dedication of a highly skillful team, who are our main asset and focusing on our Slogan which is “Evermore On Time Services ”.

Atis Company is mainly active in Cosmetics and Cosmocentical field.

Atis has four different departments :

1-Sales and marketing

2-Technical support

3-Regulatory department

4-Customer services

We are planning to expand our activities in all of our divisions, we believe that we have efficient ability to work in Iranian Market. We have expert researchers, powerful technical support and strong relationship with the other parts of market and our team works hard to improve this business in Iran.

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