Trade Name:

AC Foaming Soy

INCI Name:

Sodium Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Soy Protein

 Supplier: Active Concepts


Applications :

Enhance and Stabilize Foam, Conditioning

Benefits :

Soybeans contain isoflavones, saponins, phytic acid and linoleic acid, all of which provide the skin and hair with powerful benefits. Isoflavones can hydrate and give a smooth appearance to the skin and hair while also the improving elasticity and reducing the effects of sun damage and photo aging. A study conducted on isoflavones showed their anti-aging effects on the skin by improving the skin’s appearance, collagen deposition and epidermal thickness during exposure to UV radiation . Saponins are sterols, which are naturally present in soy and are responsible for its natural foaming ability. Some foaming products can strip the skin of all moisture causing dry, problem skin.

Other :

.: Background :.

Soybeans first came on the scene during the Great Depression when they were used as a fertilizer to regenerate soil. During World War II, soy became an approved food source. Soy became important during this time in North America and Europe as a substitute for protein rich foods and eventually as a source of edible oil. According to ancient Chinese culture, soy is considered a sacred grain as it plays a role as one of their primary food sources. Soy protein is now a good substitute for animal products because, unlike other beans, soybeans offer a complete protein profile . Animal products have a complete protein profile as well, however, they are also accompanied with a higher fat content, most notably saturated fat. Soy protein has the biological value (BV) of 74, which is one of the highest values among vegetable-based proteins 1 . Soy’s nutritional attributes have led to it being a preferred vegetarian and vegan protein source. The dramatic increase in soy foods is thought to be accredited to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), since they have approved soy as an official cholesterol-lowering food in addition to providing other heart and health benefits.

.: Formulation :.

Soluble / Miscible:No Info
Recommended use level: 1.0 – 10.0%

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Natural Antimicrobial: No Info
Preservatives: No Info
Antioxidants: No Info
Other additives: No Info