Trade Name:

AC Keratin Hydrolysate 30 PF

INCI Name:

Hydrolyzed Keratin

 Supplier: Active Concepts


Applications :

Moisturizing, Conditioning, Protecting

Benefits :

Produced by a combination of alkaline and enzymatic hydrolysis, AC Keratin Hydrolysate 30 PF is an aqueous solution with an average molecular weight of approximatetly 2000 Daltons. Due to its molecular weight, hydrolyzed keratin does not penetrate the skin or hair, but rather plates out to form tenacious films. This combination of properties makes AC Keratin Hydrolysate 30 PF an ideal ingredient where conditioning benefits are desired. The presence of hydrolyzed protein films on hair directly translates to increased shine and improved feel. As hydrolyzed proteins exist in solution as colloids, they are capable of interacting with anionic surfactants in such a way to form tightly bound protein-surfactant complexes. The presence of these complexes in personal care formulations greatly reduces the irritation and defatting potential of the surfactant. With surfactant systems, the film forming properties of AC Keratin Hydrolysate 30 PF translates into longer-lasting and more stable foam structures. The addition of AC Keratin Hydrolysate 30 PF to a cosmetic formulation may provide real consumer perceivable benefits such as reduced irritation, conditioning, film-forming and sustained foam capabilities.

Other :

.: Background :.

Keratin is the basic building material for most of the visible parts of the body. Both the stratum corneum (of the skin) as well as hair fibers are composed primarily of keratin. Keratin exists naturally as a cross-linked helical structure. It is the cross-linkage that accounts for the strength and extensibility of the individual hair fibers. The cross-linking occurs at disulfide bridges which anneal adjacent cysteine residues to form cystine, a feature that makes keratin unique amongst structural proteins. The disulfide bonds are the strongest bonds found in the hair and may be manipulated to either straighten or wave (perm) the hair.

.: Formulation :.

Soluble / Miscible: Water Soluble
Recommended use level: 1-5%

 .: Additional Information :.


Natural Antimicrobial: Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
Preservatives: None
Antioxidants: None
Other additives: None