Trade Name:

AC Keratin Hydrolysate OS

INCI Name:

Cocoyl Hydrolyzed Keratin

 Supplier: Active Concepts


Applications :

Hydrating, Film Forming, Moisturizing

Benefits :

AC Keratin Hydrolysate OS is the reaction product of Coconut Fatty Acids and hydrolyzed keratin obtained from sheep’s wool; as such it is highly lipophilic. An ideal ingredient for intensive oil based conditioners or bath oils; AC Keratin Hydrolysate OS can provide substantive conditioning as well as moisturization. As with other protein hydrolysates AC Keratin Hydrolysate OS can act to reduce the irritation of other surfactants.

Other :

.: Background :.

Keratin is the basic building material for most of the parts of the body that we see. Both the stratum corneum as well as hair fibers are composed primarily of keratin. Keratin exists naturally as a cross-linked helical structure. It is the cross-linking that accounts for the strength and extensibility of the individual hair fibers. The cross-linking occurs at disulfide bridges, which anneal adjacent cysteine residues to form cysteine, a feature that makes keratin unique amongst structural proteins. The disulfide bonds are the strongest bonds found in the hair and may be manipulated to either straighten or wave (perm) the hair.

.: Formulation :.

Soluble / Miscible: Oil
Recommended use level: 1-10%

 .: Additional Information :.


Natural Antimicrobial: None
Preservatives: None
Antioxidants: None
Other additives: None