Trade Name:

AC Kerazyme® Protect

INCI Name:

Hydrolyzed Keratin & Bambusa Arundinacea Leaf Extract & Trametes Versicolor Extract

 Supplier: Active Concepts


Applications :

Hair Colour Protection, Thermal Protection, Conditioning

Benefits :

AC Kerazyme® Protect is a natural active derived from Bamboo, Keratin and Trametes versicolor which works to protect hair from heat and UV induced damage whilst simultaneously slowing colour fade. This multifunctional active has been developed to seal the hair defending against everyday external aggressors. The properties of the hair fibre are improved leading to healthier looking and more manageable hair allowing consumers to achieve their own unique style.

Other :

.: Background :.

In a world of Photoshop, wigs, weaves and extensions it can be hard for the average consumer to achieve the shiny, glossy and voluminous hair as portrayed by their favourite celebrities1. Hair itself is becoming a fashion accessory as iconic as the red-lipstick or little black dress. However, with an increase in the use of heat styling, hair colouring, environmental aggressors and stress our hair is subjected to extensive damage on a daily basis causing thinning, split ends, breakage and lacklustre results. In order to answer a growing market demand Active Concepts has utilised the natural power of bamboo, keratin and Trametes versicolor to create a unique active for the protection of hair and hair colour fade caused by everyday washing, heat styling and exposure to UV irradiation. AC Kerazyme® Protect works to maintain the hair’s natural integrity and defines a sustainable new style.

.: Formulation :.

Soluble / Miscible: Water Soluble
Recommended use level: 1-10%

 .: Additional Information :.


Natural Antimicrobial: Leuconostoc / Radish Root Ferment Filtrate
Preservatives: None
Antioxidants: None
Other additives: None