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 Supplier: Corel Pharma Chem

Applications :

-Automatic dishwashing liquids
-Gelled fuels
-Hard surface cleaners
-Liquid laundry detergent
-Mastic adhesives
-Abrasive cleaner with bleach
-Translucent car wax with pearl


-High viscosity at low concentration.
-There is no significant effect of temperature on viscosity performance. -Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance.
-Excellent shelf life.
-Years of successful use of Carbomer.
-Resists bacterial attack and do not supports mould growth.
-Although primarily used in aqueous system with neutralization, it can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.

Other :

.: Description::.

Acrypol 950 is a synthetic highly cross linked polyacrylate polymer with short flow characteristics and relatively high viscosity performance.
Acrypol 950 is synthesized in benzene. It has short flow characteristics and relatively high viscosity compared to other acrypol. It is designed to give high ion tolerance with good clarity for cleaners and detergent products, which gives high superior performance in household and many other industrial applications

.: Physical Property:.

Appearance: White, fluffy powder.