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 Supplier: Corel Pharma Chem

Applications :

-Hydro-alcoholic gel
-Hand sanitizer gel Antibacterial gel
-Toothpaste gel Nail polish remover
-Beads suspended gel
-Rheology modifier for topical gel, lotion and creams
-Moderately ionic systems


-High viscosity at low concentration.
-There is no significant effect of temperature on viscosity performance. -Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance. Excellent shelf life.
-Years of successful use of Carbomer.
-Resists bacterial attack and do not supports mould growth.
-Excellent shelf life.

Other :

.: Description::.

Acrypol 956 is a synthetic high molecular weight cross linked polyacrylate polymer. It is capable of providing excellent transparency compares to Acrypol 940 or Acrypol 980 and forms sparkling clear gels in alcohol.
Acrypol 956 is very good alcohol resistance, so less quantity gives high viscosity of hydro-alcoholic gel. It is generally used in cosmetic industries

.: Physical Property:.

Appearance: White, fluffy powder.