Trade Name:

Acypol 971

INCI Name:


 Supplier: Corel Pharma Chem

Applications :

-Gives permanent emulsion & Suspension at low viscosities.
-In ionic systems performance is better.
-More effective in hydrogen bonding mechanisms.
-Emulsion stabilizer. Rheology modifier for topical lotions creams and gels. -Development of low viscosity sparkling clear gels and emulsion -Stabilization of topical lotions.
-Moderately ionic systems. Hydro-alcoholic gel.
-Clear gel


-High viscosity at low concentration.
-There is no significant effect of temperature on viscosity performance. -Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance. Excellent shelf life.
-Years of successful use of Carbomer.
-Resists bacterial attack and do not supports mould growth.
-Smooth and luxurious feeling.
-Although primarily used in aqueous system with neutralization, it can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.
-Excellent shelf life.

Other :

.: Description::.

Acrypol 971 is a synthetic high molecular weight cross linked polyacrylate polymer. It gives permanent emulsions and suspensions at low viscosity, even with ionic systems. It is more efficient at low concentration compare to other grades with excellent clarity. It is used in cosmetic formulation as a emulsifier and stabilization. It is used in solid dosage form as a binder and in sustained release formulations in pharmaceuticals industries. It is a benzene free grade of Acrypol 941.

.: Physical Property:.

Appearance: White, free flowing powder.