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 Supplier: Corel Pharma Chem

Applications :

-Sustained release formulation
-Suspending agent for oral liquid In direct compression formulations To -improve the flow properties of the formulation
-To achieve various release profiles.


-High viscosity at low concentration.
-There is no significant effect of temperature on viscosity performance. -Carbomer gives uniform viscosity performance. Excellent shelf life.
-Years of successful use of Carbomer.
-Excellent shelf life.
-Although primarily used in aqueous system with neutralization, it can also be used in solvent systems, with or without neutralization.
-Resists bacterial attack and do not supports mould growth.
-Smooth and luxurious feeling.

Other :

.: Description::.

Acrypol 971G is a granular, synthetic high molecular weight cross linked polyacrylate polymer, which was designed for use in oral solid dosage applications. Acrypol 971G is a free-flowing granular form of Acrypol 971P, for use in direct compression formulations. The granules are free flowable, have increased bulk density, and contain minimal amounts of very small particles that can cause dusting and/or static adherence compared to the powder polymer. Acrypol 971G can be combined with other extended release excipients to improve the flow properties of the formulation. Additionally, powder and granular grade acrypol polymers can be combined in a formulation to achieve various release profiles.

.: Physical Property:.

Appearance: White, free flowing granules.