Trade Name:

Andiroba Oil

INCI Name:

Carapa Guaianensis Seed Oil

 Supplier: Expanscience


Applications :

soothing products for sensitive skins, after-sun care or hair

Marketer’s corner:

Andiroba (Carapa guaianensis) is a tree from the primary and secondary forests of the Amazon.It is highly prized and considered as one of the noblest trees by the indigenous peoples for its numerous medicinal properties. The bark is used in the form of decoction for high temperatures or to aid digestion,the leaves are applied to the skin to calm irritation, etc…
In Brazil, Laboratoires Expanscience are contributing to local economic development: Andiroba nuts are gatheredfrom the ground on the edges of the River Amazon, providing the population with a new source of income and helping to preserve biodiversity by preventing deforestation. Andiroba oil is produced by pressing the nuts (7-9 per fruit), which are dried in the sun. The resulting oil is refined in France, usinga process developed by experts at Laboratoires Expanscience, is decolourized and deodorized, and has good stability to oxidation.It is naturally rich in unsaponifiables (up to 3%), mainly phytosterols and atypical triterpens (linonoïds),contributes to strengthening the hydrolipidic film and has reparative, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The limonoids (particularly andirobin), one of the most important properties of Andiroba oil, provide the skin with naturalprotection from insect bites and other parasites [55% protection, two hours after application].These natural qualities make the oil particularly useful for soothing products for sensitive skins, after-sun care or hair..

.: Formulation :.

Dispersion: In oily phase

 .: Additional Information :.

Description: Translucent, pale yellow to brown oil containing a precipitable fraction
Preservatives: None
Origin: Plant – Andiroba