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INCI Name:

Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Fruit Extract and

 Supplier: Expanscience


Applications :

Anti-ageing care
Plumping care (lips, bust…)
Detoxifying skincare

Concept :

Over time, the skin’s defense and detoxification systems become less effective: free radicals accumulate, and cellular functions are impaired. This means that the synthesis of proteins and macromolecules such as Hyaluronic Acid is reduced, the epidermis becomes thinner and dermal and epidermal functions are disrupted.

Other :

.: Mechanism:.

EFFIPULP® is capable of reducing the accumulation of senescence-induced oxidized proteins to its action on:
•Thioredoxin (repair system): gene expression; +177% (in-vitro test, fibroblasts, 0.005% Avocado peptides; 48 hours).
•Proteasome activity (elimination system): +43% (in-vitro test, senescent fibroblasts, 0.005% Avocado peptides; 1h45).
•The quantity of oxidized proteins is greatly reduced: -44%, in-vitro test (senescent fibroblasts), 0.005% Avocado peptides, 72 hours vs. BHA (Butylhydroxyanisol: reference antioxidant).
EFFIPULP® restores the systems that repair and eliminate oxidized protein (thioredoxin, Proteasome), enablingfibroblasts and keratinocytes to recover their original functions.

.: Formulation :.

Solubility: Water-soluble
Recommended percentage: 0.1-0.6%

 .: Additional Information :.

Description: water-soluble, add and stirr at room temperature
Preservatives: None
Origin: plant – extract of the Persea gratissima avocado