Trade Name:


CTFA Name:

Biosaccharide gum-4



Applications :

Purifying Patch for oily skinPatch for combination skin Patch for sunburn Relaxing Patch Yog Patch Eye Contour Draining Patch Lip Protection Patch


Properties :

The patch is removed after a certain contact time
The patch is incorporated in the skin by massage, any residue/surplus being
removed and discarded
The patch is sprayed with complementary active ingredients that are either warm
or cold (on request, to meet a specific requirement) before it gradually disappears
into the skin…

Other :

.: Brief Description :.

“Patch, a word that sticks to the skin” first came to light in the therapeutic field in the form of a transdermal patch. Used to wean smokers off tobacco or to regulate the body’s hormone levels, this stamp-patch is destined to play host to high concentrations of active ingredients and to allow their gradual and sustained release. Based on the straightforward principle that a patch acts specifically at the spot where the skin needs it, the cosmetics industry soon climbed aboard as regards this innovation in order to adapt it to its own specifications. The patches very quickly won over consumers given their original and easy method of administration, combining comfortable use with rapid, continuous action. The patches created a minor revolution in an overall rather conventional sector, at least yesterday… We no longer have to dose out the quantity of product to be applied, but just have one task to do: attach / remove the miracle patch! But, after having enjoyed their moments of glory, the supports and textures, patch-style, are changing and with them, the methods of application to turn the patch into a constantly innovative product!

.: Formulation :.

GLYCOPATCH ® is used at a concentration ranging from 30 to 70%. Heat the GLYCOPATCH ® at a minimum temperature of 50°C. Add the matrix co-activator chosen. Add the lipophilic compounds and/or ingredients sensitive to temperature after matrix formation, i.e. after adding the matrix co-activator to the GLYCOPATCH Pour the thoroughly homogenised mixture whilst hot. ® .

 .: Additional Information :.

GLYCOPATCH ® should not be pre-mixed with matrix co-activators but these should preferably be added one by one, mixing after each addition.