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INCI Name:

Passiflora Edulis Seed Oil

 Supplier: Expanscience


Applications :

Repairing skin care, helps wound healing
Skin care for weakened, damaged and very dry skin
Regenerative and restructuring skin care (anti-ageing or post-surgery)
Soothing skin care, after-sun care

Concept :

Unsightly skin lesions are a regular part of our daily lives. These include chapping, irritations, acne, burns, cuts and post-surgery. Damaged skin activates a healing process to return to its original condition. This process has two key phases: the repair and theregeneration oftissues. PASSIOLINE® stimulates the key markers involved in skin repair and remodelling to promote and improve the healing process.

Other :

.: Mechanism:.

• REPAIR, enabling tissues to be quickly restored at three levels. In addition to the cell proliferation that is vital for tissue recovery,
the following markers are involved:
– Hyaluronic acid: an essential component of the different stages of healing, promoting cell migration and reepithelialisation in particular.
– Perlecan: proteoglycan and essential DEJ constituent protein, along with fibronectin, playing an important role in stabilisationand adhesion of cells to the matrix.
• REMODELLING OR REGENERATION to restore tissues integrity and mechanical properties. The following markers are involved:
– Elastin: needed to rebuild and provide elasticity to the matrix while regenerating.
– Fibromodulin, lumican: protoglycans involved in the assembly and structural organisation of collagen fibres, as well as in regulating the contractile forces of fibroblasts.

.: Formulation :.

Solubility: Oil Soluble
Recommended percentage: 0.5-2%

 .: Additional Information :.

Description: Yellow liquid that may be cloudy or presenta deposit.
Preservatives: None
Origin: Plant – Maracuja extract