Trade Name:

Rhamnosoft® HP

CTFA Name:

Biosaccharide gum-2


Applications :

Delicate or/and weakened skin care
Special care for oily skin
Make-up removing products
Sun care
After-shave & post-depilatory care
Special baby care
Anti-aging care

Properties :

bacterial polysaccharide

limit the propagation of messages between skin cells

thus attenuate the resulting inflammatory reactions

actively soothing by helping to attenuate the skin inflammatory reactions

Other :

.: Brief Description :.

Rhamnosoft® HP is a polysaccharide obtained by bacterial fermentation. It presents a branched
structure and a sugar sequence rich in rhamnose (I, III, VI), galactose (II, V) and glucuronic acid

.: Formulation :.

Recommended use level: 3 – 5%

 .: Additional Information :.

Ecocert: Conforms to Standard
Preservatives: none