Trade Name:


CTFA Name:

Glycerin**(and) Ribes nigrum (black currant) leaf
extract*(and) Rubus idaeus (raspberry) leaf extract*


Applications :

Sebum anti-oxidation

squalene  protection

inflammation modulation

Properties :

Protection of squalene against the degradation
Anti-lipase activity
Anti-oxidative activity of sebum
Inflammation modulation activity
Brightens the complexion

Other :

.: Brief Description :.

Of all the plants, leaves from blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) and raspberry (Rubus idaeus) were especially interesting, since they contain condensed tannins (OPC) and hydrolysable tannins respectively. These polyphenols fight oxidation, inflammation, and bacterial infection-everything that oily and acne-prone skin needs! Once you know that skin blemishes are triggered by the oxidation of sebum, it makes perfect sense to turn to these leaves for help. Most of the solutions available aim to regulate sebum production by modulating the activity of 5-alpha reductase at the hormonal level, or by limiting bacteria proliferation. We are offering a new approach: directly targeting sebum oxidation, which is responsible for the production of inflammatory, comedogenic squalene peroxide. At the same time, sebum oxidation creates a micro-environment favorable to the development of Propionibacterium acnes, which contributes to oxidizing stress. Solabia has developed an ingredient titrated in OPC and polyphenols from organic raspberry and blackcurrant SuperLeaves. It combats general oxidative stress in the skin, sebum oxidation, and inflammation to prevent new blemishes from occurring and improve the appearance of existing ones.

.: Formulation :.

Recommended use level: 0.5% to 2%

 .: Additional Information :.

Ecocert: Conforms to Standard
Preservatives: 0.2% sorbic acid