Trade Name:

Sesaline® Bio

INCI Name:

Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Oil Unsaponifiables

 Supplier: Expanscience


Applications :

Protective anti-aging skin care
Sun care, sun preparation

Concept :

Each day, our skin is subject to numerous aggressors (UV, stress, pollution,etc.) that alter skin, particularly at the cellular level, and contribute to accelerating skin aging.Through its wealth of active molecules, SESALINE® Bio fights these agressions through its antioxidant and antiradical properties.

Other :

.: Mechanism:.

Oxidative stress and the harmful action of free radicals affect:
• cell viability (fibroblasts in particular) and the key functions for which it is responsible(renewal and restructuring of the dermal matrix),
• the skin’s mechanical properties (elasticity).
Cells have a variety of defense mechanisms (including enzymes such as catalase) as protectionagainst this oxidative stress.Thanks to its unique combination of antioxidant and antiradical molecules, SESALINE® Bio protects the skin against external aggressions and enhances its mechanical properties.

.: Formulation :.

Solubility: Oil Soluble
Recommended percentage: 0.2-2%

 .: Additional Information :.

Description: oily active ingredient, yellowish orange in color,
with a white crystallized deposit
Preservatives: None
Origin: Plant