Trade Name:


CTFA Name:

Raspberry seed oil / Tocopheryl succinate aminopropanediol esters


Applications :

After sun care

Post peeling cream

Extreme conditions care



Properties :

Promotes cellular renewal
Wakes up dull, suffocated complexions
Brings a healthy look
Protects from free radicals
Brightens the complexion

Other :

.: Brief Description :.

VITASKIN ® E is obtained by solvent free enzymatic biocatalysis from raspberry seed oil (Rubus idaeus) high in Omega 6 and 3 (stable to oxidation thanks to the structure) and succinate of vitamin E.

.: Formulation :.

Recommended use level: 0.1% to 1%

 .: Additional Information :.

Ecocert: Conforms to Standard
Preservatives: preservative free